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Transform fine, thin or thinning hair instantly with thousands of micro organic protein fibers that adhere statically to the hair.

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Fiberbond is an instant solution to the age-old problem of hair loss and thinning in men and women. This is a common issue that affects many and can hinder the way your final style looks and even self-confidence.

Stop hiding and start living!

The latest innovation in hair loss is here.
Fiberbond combines patented technology and natural strengthening ingredients to conceal unwanted thinning patches to reveal a more confident you.

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Real life results from one of our customers

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    made of keratin proteins

  • 2

    adds volume and fullness

  • 3

    conceals hair loss and thinning

  • 4

    does not run or smudge

  • 5

    washes out easily with shampoo

Formaflex Technology

Through the body’s natural static charge, thousands of small keratin fibers wrap and bond to the hair, instantly creating fullness and concealing hair loss. FormaFlex Technology allows the fibers to intuitively move and flex with the hair to create a seamless look and the feel of natural hair.


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