Instant Solution to Reversing Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is usually associated with aging and middle-aged men, but it can happen to anyone and at any age. Did you know that, according to the American Hair Loss Association, 25 percent of men start noticing signs of hair loss or thinning before the age of 21? Additionally, about 21 million women are affected by hair loss as well. This may be shocking, but children and teens are also likely to experience hair loss, due to tight hairstyles that could lead to traction alopecia or improper care that may cause fungal infections on the scalp that could perhaps induce alopecia. Hair loss can be caused by different underlying factors that may not always be easy to target. The truth is that no one is ever really prepared for hair loss or knows precisely when it will happen or if it will happen at all. There are many ways that people can solve the issue of hair loss and thinning that may not be safe, can be challenging to keep up with, or can take long periods of time, which is why we are going to inform you about an instant solution to reversing thinning hair.

Why Hair Loss and Thinning Occurs 

Hair loss could be triggered by different underlying factors, including genes, health conditions such as anemia, different stages of alopecia, cancer, autoimmune diseases, infections, as well as medications, surgery, hormones, stress, psychological conditions and disorders, contact with chemicals, and much more. People who experience hair loss may become desperate and may begin to look for different mediums as a way to promote hair growth or make their hair appear fuller. Such mediums may include trying or undergoing medications, surgeries, serums, or hair systems. These different methods may be ideal for some people; however, for those that are not ready to take these approaches, there are other more temporary and practical options.

What You Can Do to Fix Your Thinning Hair

It can be challenging to know exactly what to do when there are so many options that claim to fix thinning hair, and we know about the other struggles that people face when they happen to come across hair loss and hair thinning, which is why Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers are created to instantly conceal hair thinning issues that people may go through at any age. Some of the issues that people come across are how to deal with the fact that their hair no longer grows as much or is missing in different areas; they no longer see themselves how they once used to, and to some extent, this might cause distress.

How Keratin Thickening Fibers Work

However, you have nothing to be ashamed of, you are not alone in this hair thinning journey, and that is why we are going to inform you about a revolutionary hair product and the instant solution to thinning hair, Fiberbond’s Keratin Thickening Fibers. The way that the product works is through thousands of protein fibers that use Formaflex technology to create fullness. Formaflex technology means that the static caused by your natural thinning hair will allow for the small keratin fibers to attach to the remaining strands and will hinder the fibers from directly falling onto the scalp and giving an unfinished and unblended look. Formaflex technology also allows the fibers to intuitively move and flex with the hair to create a seamless look
and feel of fuller, natural hair.

Additional Information

The Keratin Thickening Fibers come in 3 different size options for optimal use, and its salt shaker bottle cap allows you to apply the product immediately. However, for daily wear or more precise application of the keratin thickening fibers, it is advised to use the Pro Fiber Precision Control Applicator, as it has three-speed options that permit for even and more natural-looking coverage. It is recommended to style the hair before applying this product for the fibers to blend seamlessly to the desired hairstyle. Styling hair after fibers are applied may disrupt the final look and the effectiveness of the fibers. The Hairline Optimizer is used to help create the perfect hairline and to keep fibers from falling on the face. The Fiber Lock Set & Seal Spray allows for the keratin fibers to stay in place all day through a variety of conditions, that is, until your next wash.

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