How to Fix Thinning Hair

There is a lot more to hair thinning and hair loss than we know of, in fact, there are several clinical and scientific studies that are being conducted to discover new ways on how to combat hair loss and thinning. However, we can all agree that it all starts with the actual hair itself and we must learn about the science behind hair and hair growth before we can learn about how to fix the problem of hair loss that many people face around the world. That is why today we will be examining the hair itself, how to detect hair thinning or hair loss, and lastly how to fix thinning hair. 


What is hair loss and thinning?

The hair is made of a dead protein, called keratin. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein of hair that is made of epithelial cells on the skin. The hair follicle attaches each hair into the skin, and the hair bulbs begin to grow at the top of the head. Although there are different types of hair, the one we will be discussing today is terminal hair. Terminal hair is the hair on your body and head and can be mainly associated with hair thinning. Hair also has a growth cycle that includes the phases of the hair called anagen, catagen, and telogen. When the hair forms it is in its anagen phase when it is transitioning it is in its catagen phase, and when the hair is resting it is in its telogen phase. Hair thinning occurs either by genetic reasons or is simply caused by poor eating and health habits, as well as biological factors such as age and gender. Hair thinning and loss can arise at any age and is common in both men and women, it also occurs when follicles stop producing hair and the hair shaft becomes smaller. This makes it difficult for hair to be produced and in turn causes hair loss or thinning. Next, we will be discussing ways on how to detect early signs of hair thinning and hair loss.


Early signs of hair thinning and hair loss  

  • Sudden or gradual thinning on top of the head


  • Patchiness forming on sections of the head


  • Hair shedding on specific areas of the head


  • Hair loss or total hair loss on the body and head


How to Fix Thinning Hair

There are several ways to fix thinning hair, such as wearing a hair system, surgical hair replacement, or by cutting off the remaining hair and rocking the bald look. However, if you are not ready to commit to wearing hair systems, going through surgery, or going completely bald. Then, we have the solution for you. Fiberbond is an instant solution to hair thinning and hair loss, as thousands of protein fibers mimic the appearance of hair in order to fill in any problem areas in seconds. Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers are created to blend seamlessly with your own hair to fill in thinning areas and conceal hair loss. Through the body’s natural static charge, thousands of small protein fibers bond to your own hair to create the immediate effect of fuller hair. The keratin fibers can be used on both men and women to transform fine, thin or thinning hair instantly as they adhere statically to the hair. Fiberbond combines patented technology and natural strengthening ingredients to conceal unwanted thinning patches to reveal a more confident you. Instantly create fullness and conceal hair loss with FormaFlex Technology that allows the fibers to intuitively move and flex with the hair to create the seamless look and feel of natural hair.


For more information about Fiberbond Keratin Fibers email or call 1-855-747-9292


Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez



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