Different Ways to Cover Hair Loss and Grays At-Home

There are times when we have no other option than to learn how to do things on our own because going to someone or somewhere is no longer an option. During these unprecedented times, it can be difficult for some of us to find a way to get our hair done, let alone get a touch-up or cover-up on our hair thinning and grays. Luckily, we have come up with a couple of different ways that you can do both, as we will be discussing different ways to cover up hair loss and grays at home.


Dye Your Roots

dying hair

Dying your hair sounds like the obvious choice, as it will help with concealing your grays. However, darkening your roots could also help hide any thinning and will give the illusion that your hair is fuller and thicker. Therefore, doing two things at once. Also, don't forget that your choice of hair dye and color is entirely up to you, so why not try something new?


Cut Your Hair

We know this may sound intimidating, but knowing what hairstyle and haircut suit your hair best could be the answer to your hair thinning problems. The way you style and cut your hair can actually help cover up any thinning or gray areas that you would like to hide. It is all about the illusion; once you have it figured out, you can go on YouTube to find hair tutorials on how to cut your hair at home. The good thing about hair is that it grows and, even if you mess up, sooner or later, you will be able to get it fixed by a professional. 


Try Hair Fibers

Last but not least, give hair fibers a try. Fiberbond has created a range of 8 different colored Keratin Thickening Fibers that statically attach to the hair to fill in any thinning areas, conceal hair loss, and even cover grays! Can't find your shade? The hair fiber colors can be mixed to create unique shades, and can even be applied to any areas of the face such as facial hair or eyebrows to make them appear fuller. Fiberbond hair fibers were also designed to stay put until they are washed off, giving you the freedom to apply as much or as little as you would like, and whenever you would like. 

Recommended Product: Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers

Keratin Thickening Fibers blend seamlessly with the hair to fill in thinning areas and conceal hair loss. The way it works is through the body’s natural static charge, causing thousands of small protein fibers to bond to your hair to create the immediate effect of fuller hair. Therefore if you are terrified of dying or cutting your hair, this the simplest and most guilt-free option to try at the comfort of your own home.

We hope you have found each tip useful and try one of them out for yourself! *We would also like to add a disclaimer for any failed hair dye and hair cut attempts if you try one of these tips, please do so at your own risk.

For more information about the Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers mentioned in this blog email: fiberbond@progenglobal.com or call: 1-855-747-9292


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