5 Hair Care Tips to Hide Bald Areas

Finding any bald or thinning areas can be difficult for some people to process as having spots of hair loss may not be the easiest thing to cover. Especially, if you are someone that simply cannot see themselves undergoing hair replacement surgery or spending a surplus amount of money on sessions to bring back loss of hair. If you are curious to know more about different ways to cover hair loss without spending too much money, then this blog is for you, as we will be discussing 5 hair care tips to hide bald areas. 

Tip number 1: Get a Haircut

Yes, you read that right, simply getting a haircut can be a great way to hide any balding or sparse areas of hair. We know that most people think that growing out their hair may seem like the right thing to do when trying to cover hair loss but the truth is that it actually is counterintuitive as letting your hair grow out can oftentimes weigh down the rest of the hair and give more attention to the unwanted hair thinning areas. Therefore, cutting or trimming the hair, and even getting layers can add more volume and fullness overall, making it easier to hide any bald spots or hair loss.  

Tip #2  Dye Your Hair

Simply adding color to your hair, can give it the effect or illusion of thicker hair. The trick is that by adding highlights or lowlights to any hair color, you are instantly creating more dimension and depth. Now if you get both a haircut and some color, you will give the hair more movement and volume, which could ultimately help when trying to hide any sparse areas. We recommend staying away from one toned colored hair as it can make the hair appear flat and draws more attention to the scalp. Keep in mind that highlights will help dark hair hide the scalp, while lowlights can help make lighter hair appear thicker. 

Tip #3 Try a Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Products for Hair Loss

There are many different scalp treatments that aim to make hair grow back thicker and longer, so if all else fails why not give this a try. Active Care’s Active Line of hair care products were specifically made to help those with thinning hair. Every product in the Active Line is formulated with plant extracts and active ingredients such as Pine, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Procapil, that are known to penetrate deep into the scalp and strengthen, nourish, and stimulate the scalp in order to promote healthier hair growth and combat limp and thinning hair. 

Tip #4 Know how to Style your Hair to Prevent Hair Loss

Oftentimes, people are not aware that the way they style their hair actually causes their hair to fall out. That is why, changing up ones hair care routine can actually help when it comes to learning how to hide hair loss or even help decrease the amount of hair loss. For example, switching to hair care products that don’t contain harsh chemicals such as harsh detergents, called sulfates, that can cause hair to become dry and can lead to breakage, will help retain the health of the hair and may help decrease hair fall. Another point to note, is that the way we style our hair can also impact hair loss. Wearing hair in tight hairstyles can actually cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss that is caused by constantly pulling or tugging on the hair which can be apparent when wearing tight hairstyles such as tight ponytails, buns, braids, and so much more. Therefore, be cautious of how you style your hair in order to prevent having to hide more hair loss in the future. 

Tip #5 Use Hair Fibers

Hair Fibers are small powder like substances that mimic the appearance of your natural hair in order to conceal hair loss. The cool thing about hair fibers is that they work instantly in order to give you the illusion of fuller and voluminous hair, and are typically very user friendly. Fiberbond’s Keratin Thickening Fibers are one of the best hair fibers in the market as they are made of thousands of micro organic protein fibers that adhere statically to the hair through Formaflex technology. These keratin fibers are also made to stay put throughout the day and through a variety of conditions such as sweat, rain, and heat, until you wash them out in the shower, so you don’t have to worry about them smearing or fading over time. The Keratin Thickening Fibers also come in 8 different shades that can be mixed together to form a unique shade. Learn more about Fiberbond’s hair fibers by visiting www.progenfiberbond.com or email: fiberbond@progenglobal.com 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the 5 different hair care tips above to hide bald areas, and that you will try some of these tips out for yourself. As always, feel free to leave comments about what you would like to learn next in terms of hair loss, and if you would like to read our other blogs you are welcomed to browse through our blog page that you can visit by clicking on the following link: https://progenfiberbond.com/blogs/news


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