Top 20 Men's Hair Trends to Look For in 2020

The new year is here with new opportunities, new outlooks, and new changes. Along with those changes, the way people style their hair changes, which allows for various hair trends to unfold throughout time. For example, lets take a look back at previous decades, one of the most iconic fashion looks can be traced back to how people styled and wore their hair during those years. For example, in the '80s, big voluminous and curly hair was all the rage, and in the '90s, it was all about sleek, long hair parted down the middle. Time has changed, and as we begin a new decade, we have found the top 20 men's hair trends to look forward to this new year!


Low Fade

The Low Fade is the number one hair trend to look out for in 2020 because of its popularity throughout the years. This put together, and simple haircut will give anyone a more clean-cut look and will have them looking as proper as possible. The low fade style is created with hair tapered from the bottom to the top and a  faded lower part.



Disconnected Undercut

The Disconnected Undercut blends into a longer top and lower sides; this youthful look is mostly popular amongst adolescent men and athletes.  


High Fade

The High Fade is a shorter hairstyle when compared to the rest, as it focuses on the sides and back of the head as a way to add contrast to the overall look. Hence, if you enjoy a more casual yet put-together look, then this style may be one for you to try this year.


Side Part

The Side Part is an elegant and timeless hairstyle and has been around for decades and has yet to go out of style. This sophisticated and mature look can be achieved and spotted by looking for a deep sidecut that separates the top from the side on either side of the face.



The Pompadour was probably one of the most commonly seen hairstyles in 2019 and can be expected to be just as popular throughout 2020. This hairstyle is not only iconic due to its high demand, but has been around for ages. The history behind this hair look dates back to Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV mistress who wore a similar hairstyle, and is the person the style is named after. Due to its origin, this look was primarily a women's hairstyle. However, Elvis Presley was the first man and celebrity to make it fashionable among the public eye. The pompadour as pictured, has a lot of volume at the top of the hair, especially at the front and a styled slick back finish.



The Quiff can come in many variations and styles. However, we will be discussing the original quiff, which is similar in style to the pompadour yet with a twist. The quiff is created by leaving longer combed back hair at the top, while the sides remain shorter and similar in length as the back of the hair.


Comb Over

The Comb Over, is ideal for those who are experiencing baldness or thinning hair as it is created by taking long hair on one side of the head over an area with less hair density, resulting in fuller looking hair. Even though it is ideal for those with thinning hair, this classy and elegant style can also be appealing to those in professional workplaces, as the hair is combed to one side, which gives the face a soft yet mature look.


Messy Waves

The Messy Waves look can be achieved easily by those that have thicker, curlier hair. However, even if you do not have much texture to your hair, you can use styling products to get this messy and disheveled look. The top of the hair should be longer than the rest; for better results, it is recommended to use a heat tool.



Similar to the man bun, the Ponytail is a hair trend that pulls hair away from the face, and can be used to hide any thinning areas or spots on the center of the head.


Top Knot

The Top Knot, very much similar to the man bun and ponytail, is a hairstyle that can be traced back to the 15th century, when the hairstyle was noticeably worn amongst Japanese Samurai to keep their helmets in place. This unique look can be done by shaving most of the hair on the side and back, and leaving the top section long enough to be tied into a top knot.


The Crop

The Crop can be customized into a shorter fringe or longer fringe at the front while having a fade on the sides and back of the head. This style is edgier and more textured than your regular haircut and can be seen on most runway male models. 

High and Tight Taper

The High and Tight Taper, often referred to as being military-style, is similar to a buzz cut yet distinct in that it leaves a bit more hair at the top. This hair trend can be seen mostly on those who prefer a much shorter clean-cut style. 


Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut, this hair trend is famous not only among those with thinning hair but among those that want a low maintenance hair look. This simple and stylish, short style with a flat top, can be ideal for those that play sports and those in the military.


Messy Combover

The Messy Combover is a modern twist to the classic combover, as it can be varied in style and is a bit (as the name suggests) messier. The sides can be tapered down or shaved to give the appearance of fuller hair on one side, then finished by styling the remaining long hair in a textured and tousled manner.


Slick Back Hair

Slick Back Hair, looks exactly like what it sounds like, it is long hair at the top that is brushed back, usually with tapered sides and is traditionally styled with hair products to achieve the sleek and slick look. This trendy hairstyle is also ideal for those who are trying to conceal hair loss or thinning.


Undercut and Tapered Top

The Undercut and Tapered Top is very beloved among celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and Zayn Malik. This undercut and tapered top trend is classic, elegant, and timeless and will be around for many years to come.


Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is perfect for those that aim for more of a business casual look; this hairstyle can be dressed up or dressed down yet still always manages to look put together. The combed back short front and minimal side part, make this hair trend eye-catching and appealing to many.


Long Hair Undercut


The Long Hair Undercut is the most sought out hair trend among those who prefer longer hair. The lower part of the hair is cut low while leaving long hair from the top of the head down to the preferred length. The reason why this hair trend is well received, is because this versatile look can transform into other styles. For example, it may give you the option to tie your hair into a top knot, a messy bun, a ponytail, braid, or even let your hair loose for a more laid back and effortless look.


Short Sides Long Top


The Short Sides and Long Top, can be an ideal hair trend for many as it can allow to create several different styles with the longer hair at the top. This specific hairstyle allows for the top of the hair to either be textured, straightened, combed or left alone for a more natural finish.


Skin Fade with Part


The Skin Fade with Part is a hair trend that will most definitely not be going away anytime soon; this hairstyle is ideal for those that prefer to have a more subtle look and an uncompromised style.


Hair trends come and go, and even though we mentioned 20 hair trends for this new year, some styles may be harder to do or wear if you are experiencing hair loss. However, Fiberbond’s Keratin Thickening Fibers allow you to fill in any thinning areas of hair or facial hair that may show through or are more sparse than others. The keratin fibers, instantly conceal and fill in any thinning and irregular growth patterns, and is ideal for all stages of hair loss and thinning. Even if you are not experiencing hair loss, the keratin thickening fibers can be used to add volume and body to any look or style.


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Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez


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